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Are you a planner?

I am. Or used to be.

Until I noticed that the only time I feel the urge to plan ahead is when I’m anxious about what’s to come.

Yup, the truth is that planning is something we humans turn to when we’re feeling a little fear and feel the need to control. And in this case that control manifests as planning.

Don’t believe me?

Well consider how you feel when you’re at ease and feeling aligned with a higher vibration.

Seriously, take a moment to imagine that exact feeling now. Where you feel completely content and life feels good.

Now, does planning (on any level) even show up in your thoughts?

Probably not…

In my reality, this concept shows up around money and the lack or abundance thereof.

If I feel anxious and am manifesting lack (dwindling cash-flow), then I feel the urge to budget rigidly.

Conversely, when I’m feeling abundant and cash is flowing, budgeting be damned!

When we plan ahead, we soothe our fear(s) by convincing ourselves that we can control what’s coming. Because ultimately, the need to plan is driven by the fear of the unknown.

Take my example of lack/abundance of cash.

I feel fear because cash is dwindling so I zone in and create a strict budget. The I check (and regret) every penny I spend against my budget, inwardly cringing every time some unexpected expense shows up (and they always do) and I breach the boundaries of said rigid budget.

Which creates more fear, more anxiety and an added scoop of failure.

On the other hand, when I’m loving life and I’m totally in alignment with abundance (which is more than just monetary), more of all the good stuff flows in than flows out no matter what extra expenses pop up.

So the question I pose today is this: if you feel the urge to plan, what do you fear about the future?

Consider this…

What if there’s a different way to look to the future?

What if instead of feeling confined and afraid of the unknown, it can actually be where our freedom lies?

Because when we stop limiting ourselves with “plans”, we open ourselves to so many more possibilities and new opportunities.

And when we lessen our fear of the unknown, we allow the possibility of adventure, unexpected and interesting encounters and the chance to step outside of our self-imposed comfort zones.

We’re here to explore all the aspects of ourselves yet so often we limit ourselves by constantly reaching for what we think we need (lack) whilst ignoring the magnificence (and abundance) that surrounds us in the moment.

So consider this:

When we truly trust in ourselves and allow the journey we’ve chosen to unfold as it will, our relationship with ourselves expands.

Which is the whole point, isn’t it?

Simple, right?