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It’s not unusual for us to regularly define ourselves as either WEAK, or STRONG.

It was only the other day when, in casual conversation, a close friend berated herself for being “weak”.

In this instance she was referring to her perceived inability to permanently remove herself from a toxic relationship. In her mind, she needed to be “strong” in order to walk away.

Yet through self-judgement she perceived and subsequently labelled herself as “weak”.

Which in turn became her reality (we get what we expect, right?)

But I’d like to offer a different perspective if I may…

What if being weak or strong wasn’t a state of being, but instead simply the way we feel in the moment?

Which means that instead of this being a way to DEFINE or LABEL ourselves, it’s simply a way to describe our emotional state.

Remember too, that feelings are ALWAYS a result of what we’re focusing our attention on.

And that, my dear friends, IS A CHOICE.

And here’s the exciting bit…

That means that our perception of whether we’re weak or strong becomes a CHOICE too…!


So let’s recap here..

When we’re vibing low (aka feeling angry, sad, disappointed, etc), we’ll FEEL vulnerable and weak in that moment.

Yet when we’re vibing high (aka feeling content, satisfied, relieved etc), we’ll feel confident and strong.

Both experiences are real and valid.

But NEITHER of them define us.

Our relationship to any event is determined by our accompanying thoughts and perceptions. Those thoughts and perceptions create our experience of that event, which we then interpret as feelings.

And as we know, feelings are FLUID. They’re constantly moving and changing.

So, let’s drop the self-judgement.

Sometimes we’ll feel strong, and sometimes we’ll feel weak.

That’s human. It doesn’t affect our value, It’s simply part of our intended experience.

Just ACCEPT it.

Simple, right?