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Today I’m sharing a little event that happened a few weeks ago – just before I moved house (yes, again..).

It was as I was doing my “pre-move” analysis of my belongings (which involves taking a close look at what needs to be cleaned, fixed or tossed out). Believe me, it’s an art..

One of the items on my list of to-be-fixed items was the glass top of one of my living-room tables. Full confession – it’s been cracked since before my previous move but it somehow slipped under the radar.

Well not this time!

I was determined to get it replaced timeously – like any super-organised anally-retentive clean freak should.

That was about 3 weeks before my move.

Exactly one week before my move it still hadn’t been done – but it was on my radar. Sort of…

I was living on a property with two other dwellings and one of them was having some renovations done. Renovations that included the replacement of some glass doors.

So there I was, walking my fur-babies around the property late one afternoon (with about 6 days to go before my move), when I decided to take a closer look at said renovations. And got chatting to the glass-fitters.

Now we know that since the onset of covid, times have been tough – especially in the building industry, Which means these chaps were desperate for any work I could push their way.

You know what’s coming, right?

And so it was that I got a custom-fitted piece of safety glass for my table. Right there and then. For a really good price too..!

It honestly couldn’t have been easier.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, I believe strongly in our ability to create/manifest what we need.

And this is the PERFECT illustration of just how that can happen.

Brilliant! Right?

Two things to remember with regards to this law of attraction/manifesting thing though:

  • Release any attachment to what you desire. Manifesting is 100% vibrational and the vibration of NEED is based in the LACK of whatever you desire. Which means you’ll simply manifest more lack…
  • Be OPEN to how the manifestation will unfold. Let go of the HOW (aka controlling the process) and trust that it’ll show up when it’s meant to.

In my story above, the practicalities of working whilst packing to move had distracted me totally and quite honestly replacing the glass had slipped my mind. Which means I wasn’t feeling the lack of it, and I wasn’t trying to control the process. I wasn’t thinking about it at all.

And voila..!

My perfect new piece of glass found me..!

What’s really exciting is how we can manifest anything using the same principles.

Yup, we can.

It’s that easy..

Simple, right?