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This past week has unfolded in a rather interesting way!
I can write that now but had you asked me yesterday, “interesting” would not have been the descriptor I would have chosen..
Nope, various expletives come to mind.

Here’s why…

Five days ago our water supply was suspended for some routine (albeit major) maintenance to the main valve.
It affected my whole town but we were assured it was only for the day.

But it wasn’t.

Unexpected damage occurred whilst accessing the valve which resulted in further damage to the surrounding pipes so what should have been 12 hours of no water turned into four days..


Day 2 saw me mildly frustrated, day 3 found me generally annoyed but by day 4 I was absolutely F**K’D OFF! (sorry – there’s simply no other words that better describe how I felt).

And whilst the anger may have been somewhat justified, it felt hugely uncomfortable.
Almost victim-like…

So I took stock, objectively.

Yes, I had a sink full of dirty dishes.
Yes, I was desperate for a shower.
And yes, I was really over collecting water in my bucket from the rain tank (all the local stores had sold out of bottled water by day 2).

I also knew without a doubt that it would take as long as it took to remedy. There was absolutely nothing I could do to influence that.

So why was I emotionally dipping so badly?
What was driving these dark (rather unexpected) emotions?

Social Media.

Yup, the (often-times) curse of our current reality.

I’d been spending more and more time trawling the local social media community groups looking for updates on the situation.

And there’s nothing wrong with that except 90% of the content was angry residents venting their own frustration. Understandably.

And that was what I was letting in.

I was bombarding myself with other people’s misery thereby consciously inviting this vented anger and frustration be a part of my own vibration.

And gosh! Did I take it on!

Which meant feeling super-bad.

So I stopped.
I closed down my social media platforms and simply decided to allow this situation to resolve in it’s own time.

I accepted that this was merely an event and that I could CHOOSE how I interacted with it.

And that choice was to stop focusing on it and get on with my day.

My mood lifted pretty quickly after that and when the water supply was restored later that evening, I was so caught up in other stuff that it was a pleasant surprise.

And that, dear readers, is a perfect example of just how easily we’re affected by what we let in.

When we actively focus on something, we’re inviting it to become a part of our vibration.
Which translates into how we feel.

And we deserve to feel GOOD!
Don’t we..?