You’ve been reading my musings, feeling some resonance,

and you’re possibly considering some coaching?

And now you’re wondering WHO I AM,


Valid questions indeed…!


My life is interesting. And challenging. But, never, ever dull.

I’m completely intrigued by “The Human Condition”.

And I’m fascinated by people. And their behaviour.

Why do we think what we think, and what drives us to behave the way we do?

So, I’ve competed courses . Some good, some not so good (yup, I’m certified).

And I’ve read self-help books. Too many to mention.

Yet my main inspiration and understanding

is drawn directly from my own life experience.


No matter what I’ve studied or been taught in a lecture hall,

I’ve learned that it’s ALWAYS what I’m led to INTUITIVELY,

that’s the right way forward.

Every. Single. Time.


And we NEVER, EVER stop learning. Growing. Expanding.


To illustrate my innate humanness, here are some of my personal milestones (in no particular order):

  • Falling in love (many times)
  • Falling OUT of love (also many times)
  • Becoming a Mom
  • Changing careers (three times!)
  • Moving from one end of the country to the other. Alone.
  • Buying my own home (twice)
  • Retrenchment (twice)
  • Owning my own business (three times)
  • Losing a loved one
  • Running a marathon
  • Running an Ultra-Marathon (100 mile trailrun)
  • Bankruptcy (almost)
  • Abundance and Wealth (yee-ha..!)
  • Simplicity (wooden cabin on a wine farm in the country)


Got a more specific question about me in mind?

I’m happy share. Email me here.


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