“I go through life trying to work out what I am supposed to do or say to ‘fit in’,

but it’s just so emotionally exhausting”


Have you often wondered what’s “wrong” with you? Why you don’t “fit in”…?

Do you find yourself “holding back” simply to keep the peace and please others…?

Or maybe you feel as if you’re always saying “the wrong thing”..?

Do you long to find people who just “get” you..?


Nodding your head to any of these statements?
Then this program has your name written all over it!


“The problem with ‘being me’ is that, I just come across as weird.

I have to wear a ‘mask’ simply to keep casual acquaintances.

Without that, I feel that nobody would know how to interact with me..”


No more making yourself SMALL

to make others feel good.


This 6 week program is about BRAVELY stepping out from behind your concrete bunker (aka self-protective layers),

and BOLDLY stepping into those glitzy jazz-shoes you were always destined to wear.



In the course of these 6 weeks you’ll get to

grab your AUTHENTIC YOU in a rib-crushing bear hug.



In the course of this program, I embraced parts of myself that I’d kept hidden for too long!

Jacky really helped me feel a sense of acceptance of who I am.

And that’s a first for me!” – Mary


What you’ll learn:

  • Who the REAL YOU is.
  • How to access the REAL part of yourself more often.
  • Why you’ve (unwittingly) chosen to bypass your Authentic Self for so long.
  • How our “thinking” truly affects our reality.

You’ll also Experience (feel):

  • Relief! (YAY!).
  • Self-Acceptance (maybe for the first time ever..?).
  • What it feels like to BE COMFORTABLE with yourself (and even how it feels to LIKE yourself..?).
  • New DELICIOUS insights into what makes you tick..
  • The flogging of old (limiting) habits and beliefs.
  • Building NEW and EXCITING beliefs that feel FABULOUS..!

What you can expect in this Program:

  • A total of 6 x 60-90 min 1:1 Skype call sessions (weekly or bi-monthly)
  • Unlimited email access.
  • Regular home practices and worksheets.
  • Loads of hints, tips and resources.


Hiding behind a mask isn’t fun.

It’s time to LET GO of trying to CONTROL

how other people react to you.



Fees paid in full: $750
Fees paid monthly (over 3 months): $260/month



This program is about YOU.

YOU dictate the pace.


by clicking on the link below and sending me an email.

It’ll be my pleasure…