1:1 Coaching With Me


If you’re considering becoming my client, read on…


“Jacky is one of the most open-minded and non-judgmental people I’ve ever encountered,

and I really liked how comfortable she made me feel.

Whilst she firmly guided me towards being pro-active and pushing my boundaries,

she did so with an ease and openness that is rare to find.” – Yoni


What’s your BIGGEST dream?

Is it within reach?

Why not? What’s stopping you?


Now look ahead. What does your life look like 5 years from now?

What about 10 years from now?

What if everything stayed the same.

Same job. Same relationships. Same income. Same house.

What do you see?

And does it excite you?


Maybe you’re already successful. But be honest, you want more..!

So, quite simply, how can you live your “un-lived” life?


Living a GREAT life is possible!

And living an EXTRAORDINARY life is possible too!

If you’re prepared to BOLDLY step out of your comfort zone.

And if you’re prepared to do things differently,

to bravely face down your fears,

then your dream life is closer than you think.


Because YOU create YOUR OWN reality!

Yup, seriously…


YOU get to decide whether your experience is



That means no more REACTING IN FEAR to the world around us. You CHOOSE how to respond to everything.

That means no more feeling like a VICTIM. Life happens FOR you, not TO you.


It’s not a pipe dream, I promise.

The power of YOUR PERSPECTIVE is the key.


Because your PERSPECTIVE determines how you see the world.

Which in turn determines how you feel!

And let’s face it, we all simply want to feel GOOD.


And when we feel GOOD, we’re BOLD, BRAVE and DETERMINED!

And THAT’S when we make exciting changes.

THAT’S when we achieve GREATNESS! 



To add to the WOW’ness factor,

this simple principle can radically shift EVERY aspect of your life.

Relationships, work, health.

NOTHING is excluded.


We’ll BOLDLY expose and strip away those nasty limiting beliefs and habits.

Allowing a curious and confident version of you to emerge.

And from there, we’ll craft an EXCITING path forward!

To your Un-Lived Life..!

How does that NOT sound exciting..??


“After working with Jacky, I noticed a shift in the way I saw the world. I became less scared of the world around me, and felt more empowered to make the most of life.” – John


Are you feeling excited?

Then we’re off to a good start!


If you’re a newbie and are feeling a little hesitant about what my coaching is about,
the following is just for you..


Coaching with me is:

  • Focused and engaging – it’s a bit like having an intense, purposeful conversation.
  • Mutually committed – we both show up. On time. 
  • Safe – whilst I kick butt when needed, it’s from a place of love. Always.
  • Authentic – you see me as I am, I hide nothing about myself (I expect the same from you…).
  • Life-Changing! – we expose, we shift, we achieve!


My Coaching is NOT:

  • Therapy. We’re not about healing past wounds, we’re about moving forward…
  • Boring. Ever.
  • About playing safe. We REACH and STRETCH ourselves. And then we REACH and STRETCH some more!
  • For sissies. Enough said…


If you’ve read this far, you MUST be intrigued?



If you’re interested in becoming my client, then let’s chat.

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