Get Out Of Your Head!


Do you feel CONSUMED by your thoughts?

Do you often feel CONTROLLED by your thinking?


I hear you…

I was a habitual thinker. Yup, I was ALWAYS in my head.

In fact, until a few years ago, I believed it was a BAD thing.

Time and time again I heard “stop over-analyzing” or “you always over-think everything”.

My thinking consumed me.

I lived in a world of “what if…” (the future) and “if only I hadn’t…” (the past).

Throw in a few spadeful’s of self-judgement and you have a good idea of what my emotional state used to be.


So I tried to stop. Thinking, that is.

Because surely I needed to change? To be different?


And that’s when I learned that I couldn’t stop my thoughts.
And, in fact, I didn’t have to.

Yup, There’s an easier way.


And it stems from a NEW UNDERSTANDING around our thinking.

And it changed my life.



“After working with Jacky, I noticed a shift in the way I saw the world.

I became less scared of the world around me,

and felt more empowered to make the most of life.” – John



So, here’s the truth: Overthinking is OVERWHELMING…!

It can leave us feeling heavy. Confused. Anxious. Or even depressed!

We see things that aren’t there. We imagine potential scenarios that can leave us knotted with fear!


Quite simply, overthinking keeps us STUCK in a PROBLEM,
completely blocking us from any SOLUTION.


I know. I’ve been there.

I know how it feels to be imprisoned within a BUSY MIND.


“I overthink, over-analyze, and read into every step or perceived misstep of my partner.

I’m desperate to find a way to get out of my head!” – Anonymous


“All I want is to stop thinking about all the bad outcomes instead of the good!” – Anonymous


Are you resonating with these words?

Are you nodding vigorously as you read?

Then you’re in the right place.


Because there’s a way to ease your suffering.

Yup, there REALLY is.


In just 6 weeks,

learn how to find freedom from

the exhaustive grips of your Manic Mind



What you can expect from this Program:

  • A total of 6 x 60-90 minute Skype call sessions (either weekly or bi-monthly)
  • Unlimited email access
  • Regular home practices and worksheets
  • Loads of hints, tips and resources

What you’ll learn:

  • That you’re BRILLIANT just as you are
  • That you are NOT your mind OR your thinking
  • How to make your thinking work FOR you and not AGAINST you

You’ll also experience and achieve:

  • A fresh UNDERSTANDING and NEW PERSPECTIVE  of your “thinking”.
  • A huge sense of RELIEF (which is ongoing…)
  • FREEDOM from your Manic Mind
  • You’ll CHOOSE the thoughts that you want to think.


Most importantly, this program will help you recognise

that your “thinking” can be your BIGGEST ASSET.


The most DELICIOUS part of you.


 Fee Paid in Full: $750
Fee Paid Monthly (over 3 months): 3 x $260



Don’t overthink this..


Simply send me an email by clicking on the link below.

It’ll be my pleasure…