Are you considering coaching?

Sometimes life feels hard. Very hard.

It can feel as if nothing is working out and every single day becomes a struggle.

Everything’s affected: Your relationship. Your job. Your ability to function. 

And that’s when we overthink. And feel overwhelmed, and confused.

Just stuck.

It might be time for a change..

because You really are supposed to feel good..!

And you can. Really..

If you’re a newbie and are feeling a little hesitant about what coaching is about, read on..

Coaching with me is:

  • Easy and engaging – it’s a bit like having a conversation really.
  • It’s about subtle internal shifts through adopting new perspectives.
  • It’s about learning to understand the role our minds and our thinking have in creating our current realities.
  • And, most importantly, it’s about MOVING FORWARD.

My Coaching is NOT:

  • Hard work
  • About making huge and uncomfortable changes to your current circumstances. These will naturally shift as you shift internally.
  • About digging into your past. We focus on the PRESENT and the PATH FORWARD.

here’s the nice bit..

I’ll have a 20 minute Skype chat with you.

on the house! No charge! Gratis!

That way you can decide if we’re a good fit.

And you can see whether I know what I’m talking about.

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Is there something specific that’s really bugging you? Something you just can’t ignore?

Need to brainstorm some possibilities? 

When we’re feeling stressed and unhappy our minds are exploding with fearful thoughts which in turn make us feel even worse. In this state any clarity is elusive.

We know what happens next – our thoughts “loop” around endlessly leading to more stress, frustration and often a sense of hopelessness.

Get crystal clear on where you’re at right now.

and clarity on where you want to be.

There are 2 options here:


What My Investment Entails:

3 x detailed email sessions

What Your Investment Entails:


one-on-one session

What My Investment Entails:

1 x 90 min session (Skype call)

What Your Investment Entails:





your Clarity Assessment session was simply mind-blowing!.

You want to learn more!

Your gut is telling you to explore this path!


That’s where I come in..

What My Investment Entails:

6 x 60 min coaching sessions (Skype call) either weekly or fortnightly depending on personal requirements

Email support over the course of the commitment

What Your Investment Entails: