If you’re considering some coaching, read on…

I’m a habitual thinker. Yup, I’m ALWAYS in my head.

Until a few years ago, I believed it was a BAD thing. Time and time again I heard “stop over-analyzing” or “you always over-think everything”.

My thinking consumed me. I lived in a world of “what if…” (the future) and “if only I hadn’t…” (the past). Throw in a few spadeful’s of self-judgement and you have a good idea of what my emotional state used to be.

So I tried to stop. Thinking, that is. Because surely I needed to change? To be different?

And that’s when I learned that I couldn’t stop my thoughts. And, in fact, I didn’t have to.

Yup, There’s an easier way.

And it stems from a NEW UNDERSTANDING around our thinking.

And it changed my life.

These days I know that I am perfect JUST AS I AM. Busy mind and all.

I’ve stopped apologising for my thinking. And my analysing.

Yup, quite simply, I’m just UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME!


And THAT’S what I teach people through my coaching:

  • That you’re brilliant just as you are!
  • That you are NOT your mind. Or your thinking.
  • That it really is OK to have a busy mind. YOU don’t need to change.
  • That your thinking can work FOR you. Not against you.

Most importantly, I’ll help you realise that your thinking can be your biggest asset. Your buddy.

The most delicious part of you.

If you’re a newbie and are feeling a little hesitant about what coaching is about, this is for you..

Coaching with me is:

  • Easy and engaging – it’s a bit like having a conversation really.
  • It’s about subtle internal shifts as a result of new understandings.
  • It’s about learning to understand the role our minds and our thinking have in creating our current realities.
  • And, most importantly, it’s about MOVING FORWARD.

My Coaching is NOT:

  • Hard work
  • About making huge and uncomfortable changes to your current circumstances. These will naturally shift as you shift internally.
  • About digging into your past. We focus on the PRESENT and the PATH FORWARD.



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