A storm in a teacup. Literally.

Last week was interesting. Very interesting. Here’s what happened (the short version)… Here on the southern tip of Africa, we have winter rainfall. So we’re not surprised, upset or worried when storms arrive in their glorious splendor. We embrace the (often gale-force) winds, and celebrate Read more [...]

A dog, a table, and a new perspective..

Here at home, one of the first places to get the morning winter sun is the outdoor table. And one of my four-legged buddies has figured that out. Needless to say, once we’re back from our morning farmland meander, that’s where you’ll find him. Satisfied, content and feeling totally worthy. Yup, Read more [...]

Just who is the REAL you..?

“Be more of the REAL you”.. Sound familiar? We read it in self-empowerment blurbs. And often hear it from the guru’s. Heck, even I say it to my clients at times. But what does that mean? Really mean? I recently had a client tell me that she doesn’t KNOW who she really is. And Read more [...]

The Gift of Unexpected Tree-stumps

There was great excitement here in our little corner of the world last week. Well, for my four-legged canine buddies at least.. There we were, feeling very zen, and gaily walking along a very familiar farm track. As we rounded a bend, two of my three charges stopped abruptly, rooted to the spot, ears Read more [...]

The Fluidity of Friendship

I only recently really grasped the true understanding of the fluidity of friendships. Let me explain.. I was having a conversation with my sister about a particular old friend who had recently gone to ground. Yup, she just disappeared. I do know she’s alive and well (yay fb) but has rejected Read more [...]

To Poo or Not To Poo..

“The Poo-less Movement”. Ever heard of it? Until recently, I hadn’t either. And no, it’s got nothing to do with our bowels. It was during a recent conversation with some gals that the topic of hair care arose. As it does. One particular lady, who boasts beautiful long locks, Read more [...]

Mirror, mirror, on the wall..

A few years ago, I twisted my ankle. Quite badly. I had been gaily loping along a mountain trail (as I do), not a care in the world. Until my foot disappeared down a hole, which had been hidden by grass. As I fell I heard a crack. Or did I feel the crack? Either way, it was white hot pain. Read more [...]

Statistically Speaking.. Or not..

My previous musing skirted around the issue of the power of suggestion. (if you missed it you can read it here). And, in line with that thinking, if we agree that our joyful (or not-so-joyful) thoughts play a definite role in our well-being (physically and mentally), then where does that leave Read more [...]