Wayne Dyer

I’ve recently moved to a new town out in mountainous wine country. It’s time to slow down and simplify my life. The gods are smiling on me and I’ve been hugely blessed to find a perfect little cabin under a glorious Oak tree on a wine farm looking onto said mountains.


It’s a small town. Everyone here is friendly and uncomplicated – so I thought.

I’ve been running through various farms and onto the mountains with gay abandon and starry eyes. This is a mountain-bike mad town so surely there’d be no objection to a harmless trail runner added to the mix? Again – so I thought..

In keeping with my intention of slowing down, living a “real” existence, inner peace blah-de-blah, I decided to add the odd yoga class to the mix.

Buoyed by the friendliness and camaraderie of “new town energy” (yes, it’s a real thing) I decided to introduce myself to the town yoga guru who also happens to be my neighbor. Bargain!

I must also add that I have been running along the edge of her many hectares of farmland too – yes, with gay abandon – but without her explicit knowledge.

I hastily sent off an email with all the necessary introductory schmaltz and mentioned the running almost as an afterthought. After all, this intro was about yoga, right?

Her reply was immediate, and right to the point.

She doesn’t teach yoga anymore and as for the running on her property..

she just said “No!”..

Just like that.

She did have her reasons – and I’m sure they’re valid but what was interesting and the whole point of this blog was my internal reaction to her reply.

Rejection. At its most blatant.

And I felt utterly deflated. How dare she ruin my somewhat flowery expectation and experience of this quaint small town!

Nipping through her farm was how I accessed the mountains. What now??

And how could she not like and want to be my friend? I’m nice! Aren’t I..?

Often in life we attach to a specific outcome – sometimes its conscious, sometimes not. Either way by doing this we limit our possibilities and open ourselves to a myriad of emotions like disappointment or rejection – all of which simply make us feel crap!

So I’ve gone within, analyzed my reactions (as I do) and here’s what this little incident highlighted for me:

  1. I’d created a comfort zone (already!) – never a good thing if you want to grow and expand!
  2. I was VERY attached to the outcome of this introduction to her – again, very limiting and pretty dull too!
  3. Feeling rejected was evidence that I’d taken this personally.

Really? (insert forehead slap here)

How can it be personal when she’d never met me??


  1. I was “forced” to explore new routes – and that’s been brilliant!

And fun!

And exhilarating!

So the moral of this little story, dear people, is to stay open and unattached to any outcomes in any situation.

If a situation makes you feel ghastly then it’s a sign (BIG AND BLATANT) to change your perspective.

You’ve hit the sweet spot when you feel relief.

Allow in the many, many possibilities that can seriously rock your world!

Just know that it’s ALWAYS going to work out for you!

If you’re open to it.