-Beware the barrenness of a busy life- - SOCRATES

 “I’m so busy I can’t see straight!” I hear that often..

“The days just fly by and I don’t seem to get anything done!” is another one..

“Life is so chaotic each day passes in a blur..!” my favourite..!

We live in a world where society applauds busy-ness.. Chaotic living.. Burning the candle at both ends.. Can you relate?

When we’re not filling our days with back-to-back appointments and chores we’re frowned upon and labelled as lazy. To-do lists are vast and varied.

We’re so busy thinking about what we STILL have to do that we don’t even notice what we’re doing at that time.

The magic of being present is completely lost.

We’re encouraged through well-meaning experts to schedule time in our diaries as “me time”..! Really?

We’ve invented “date nights” to reconnect with our partners without the interruptions and distractions of life. A brief and desperate respite from that busy-ness..


When did life get turned on its head?

When did we lose our sense true purpose?

When did we lose the desire for adventure and excitement?

When did you last stop and listen to the birds? Did you even notice them? Did you notice the beauty of yesterday’s sunset?

Can you imagine a life where “me time” was our default place and chores were our last priority? (are you cringing at the thought?)

A pipe dream? Maybe not..

Will the world stop turning if our children enjoy the rare gift of entertaining themselves for an afternoon?

Will life cease to exist if we don’t get to the grocery store today?

Please understand, I have been a single working mom most of my life. I know the demands of family, work and society. By no means do I stand in judgement of anyone.

I’ve been THAT person.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution here. Many people are quite happy in their chaos. It’s a form of comfort zone. It provides a sense of validation and a common bond with the like-minded. It’s how we relate to others and feel accepted.

Is there a way to reverse this?

Change starts with evaluating your own individual position.

Ask yourself:

Are you happy within this chaos? Do you REALLY want to change it?

Does the idea of Simply Doing Nothing terrify you?

And here’s the real game-changer:

Stripped of your chaotic busy-ness, can you truly face who you are..?