I have a dog.

He’s a very cute dog. Of course. But then I’m biased..

I also have a couch.

A very comfy couch. And it’s off-white.

Now I’ve always had dogs as pets right from when I was young so I’m right at home with them. And they’ve always been part of my family so they’ve always lived inside my home with me.

Nothing new there..

But I’ve never allowed them onto my furniture. Or my bed. That’s just me being a clean-freak. And it’s always worked for me. And them.

If I went out the dogs would be restricted to the kitchen – and outside of course.

When I lived in suburbia this worked brilliantly.. Peace reigned and we lived in harmony.

Then I moved. To the country. To a wooden cabin. A very small wooden cabin.

My home now consists of one living space. Kitchen, dining, living areas – all one room. Did I mention it was small..?

Harmony reigned for the first 4 weeks. I had a dog flap installed so the dogs still had access – and why shouldn’t they? It’s their home too.. Right..?

The dog in question (that cute one from above) likes to snuggle. He’s a cross terrier and has very thin fur so he feels the cold.

You can guess what happens next..

Yep.. My lovely comfy (off-white) couch became his place to snuggle whenever I went out.

How. Dare. He.

I ranted..! I raved..! I threatened..!

We doggy inclined people know that unless you catch the perpetrator (AKA the cute dog) in action there’s no effective way of teaching them what they’re doing is wrong.

I began to notice how my anxiety grew when I was planning an outing. It grew as I drove up outside my cabin on my return. It exploded when I saw the dog hair/muddy paw prints on my once-beautiful couch as I walked in the door.

I also noticed how my dog started avoiding me when I got home. I noticed that he looked nervous when I addressed him.  Can you blame him?

I also noticed how unhappy I was making myself. For what..?

I needed to shift this..

He wasn’t being naughty. He wasn’t trying to annoy me either. He was simply trying to be warm and comfortable.

Light Bulb Moment..

So I stopped. I looked at it with complete neutrality. From his (doggy) perspective.

I was making my life and his quite miserable all because I wanted something to stay the same and I wanted it MY WAY..!

My anxiety completely blocked any alternatives from showing up in my consciousness. My mind was so busy being annoyed that I forgot what was really important.

From a neutral, calm perspective the answer hit me like a freight train. Wow..!

It was REALLY simple..

Now when I go out I simply throw a big sheet over the couch.

So simple.. (insert palm-slap to the forehead)!

I know, it’s a rather long-winded story but it’s a brilliant metaphor for how we habitually resist change in our lives. All the time!

We’re so busy trying to be right and feel righteous that we don’t hear the facts. We don’t observe the truth. We shut down, contract, become limited.

And in doing so we create unnecessary stress and anxiety for ourselves. A lot.

Stop. Take a deep breath. And then a few more..

Stand up straight, push out your chest and allow the wisdom to flow through you.

Align with the solution – not the problem.

Change is good..!
Change is normal..!
Change facilitates growth and expansion..!

Embrace it..