When I run I always start with a planned route in my head. I can’t help it – it’s the control-freak in me..

It usually means that my run pretty much becomes what I had planned it to become. No surprises. No unexpected events (unless you count tripping over a root..)

I usually have an estimated distance in mind as well. I’m a runner – counting km’s is what we do..

As you can imagine my runs generally occur as per my intention.. perfectly.. without deviation..

Set km’s? Tick..

Set route? Tick..

And therein lies the problem.

Sameness.. Predictability.. Boring..

Today when I was running my planned route the Universe decided to intervene. As it does.. One of my familiar farm roads had been plowed leaving it mostly unrunnable.

How. Dare. They.

I felt the resistance well up, the irritation caught in my throat. This was NOT part of the plan!

I had no choice. So I did the unthinkable..

I chose a different road..

Not easy for a control freak but you know what?

Within 100m two buck came trotting across my path literally metres ahead of me. Woah..!

And something else – I also noticed the autumn flowers and heard the birds singing. They’re always there but quite honestly, when I’m on a familiar route I tend towards autopilot.

And then you mind starts making a noise. And then you stop noticing. Everything.

In a new environment your senses are on high alert, your breathing is more shallow, you’re completely in the now. You notice potentials. You notice detail. You just notice.

So the moral of this tale should be fairly obvious by now.

When the Universe throws an obstacle in your planned path of life, throw a party! Celebrate..!

And change your perspective..

“Obstacle” becomes “opportunity” and then we drop any resistance (because we ALL have resistance) and simply follow where it leads.

No Judgement, just anticipation..

The Universe isn’t stupid (I hope) and rarely leads you to something awful. So trust the new path and stay open to what may show up.

Something new or exciting always does.