I have a new favourite word..


Isn’t it brilliant..?

It completely embodies life in it’s current form.

Movement. Flow. Ease.

  • THOUGHT is fluid
  • FEELINGS are fluid
  • CIRCUMSTANCES are fluid
  • The WEATHER is fluid
  • Our RELATIONSHIPS are fluid
  • Our GOOD TIMES are fluid – as are our BAD ones

You’re getting the gist of this?

EVERYTHING is fluid – which means that nothing stays the same.


And isn’t that the best news..?

Try it for yourself. Can you ever remember a duplicate day..?  And I mean 100% duplicate – same thoughts, feelings and circumstances..(Nope, Groundhog Day was just a movie..)


Now if you’re a control freak you’ll be shrieking in horror and throwing holy water at your pc screen.. But ponder for a moment.. Really FEEL what fluidity really means..

It means that life just gets more and more exciting..!

It means that unhappy moments will inevitably pass.. Yay!

It means that there’s no point in becoming attached to anything present. At all..

It also means that good times can just keep getting better..!

Fluidity isn’t a choice. It’s one of life’s laws. It takes no effort from us. It happens all on it’s own..

So the next time you find yourself caught up in your busy mind, scary fearful thoughts coming at you from every angle, take a step back and KNOW that thoughts are fluid. They come and go.

And as your mind settles you’ll start attaching to happier thoughts. And happier thoughts will shift our perspective. Which will open new doors. Cue changing circumstances.

And so our worlds will grow and expand. Perfect.

It’s not wishful thinking, it’s simply the way we’re programmed.

No exceptions.