You’ll have noticed that a fair amount of my musings involve my dogs. And sometimes the sheep. Today I promise to ignore the sheep (but just today..)

It was another of those glorious times when I was out walking my dogs on the farm in amongst the blossoming orchards (no eye-rolling..) and it occurred to me how the relationship between dogs and their owners is one of such ease and (if allowed) just simply flows.

There’s a natural effortlessness and simplicity. The roles are defined and accepted. Unconditional love flows between us and harmony exists (in most cases).

It’s only when we (the humans) try and “domesticate” the dogs into fitting into what we define as “acceptable” behavior that things can get wobbly.

It’s natural for dogs to chew (even our favourite sheepskin slippers).

It’s natural for dogs to dig too.

It’s US that want THEM to change to suit our lifestyles.

And luckily (for them) most dogs learn the domestic boundaries of the household fairly quickly.

Here’s my point:

What would happen if we applied similar principles in our HUMAN relationships?

Accepting our natural “roles” within the relationship.

Appreciating the “other” simply for who they are.

Observing them with curiosity rather than scorn.

And yes, love without conditions.

None. At all.

I often find myself watching my dogs as they naturally interact with the world around them. The unending curiosity, enthusiasm and joy. I don’t intervene or try to control the situation. I just enjoy letting them be who they are. Totally.

Shouldn’t be too hard to replicate in human form? Should it..?

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