I live on a farm.

A farm that produces predominantly wine (yay!) with a smattering of peach and pear trees for added variety.

And I walk or run each day in the company of my two boundlessly enthusiastic furry canine companions.

I’m enthusiastic too but maybe not quite so boundlessly.

It was whilst on one of these  recent outings that we came across a pair of wild buck. They were grazing lazily amongst the vines, as buck do.

Until we happened upon them. And all hell broke loose.

Now luckily my two little buddies are tethered to me (for obvious reasons). But that doesn’t stop that initial powerful instinct to give chase (theirs not mine). And the cacophony of wildly excited barking that entails (them not me)..

It was in the aftermath, as we were regaining our composure, as it were, that I had an epiphany of sorts.

Brace yourselves..

Even untethered, my dogs were out-sized and would most certainly be out-run by these buck. By far.

And yet they still TRIED.

And next time they’ll try again. And again.

Because it was FUN. And because they CAN..!

Because it’s NOT always about the end-point. Or the result.

Sometimes it’s simply about being spontaneous and taking a chance.

About living in the moment and having some ADVENTURE.

Just because..