Since we moved to the country and took up residence in a wooden cabin on a wine farm, my two four-legged buddies and I have been sitting comfortably on the fence between rural and urban living.

We move between the two as and when it suits us.

We embrace the bugs, sheep and continuous birdsong. Yay!

Yet we hold fast to our manicured lawn and WiFi. Who wouldn’t?

Essentially we have the best of both worlds.

Until last week.

It was a really hot day. 38 degrees (Celsius) of hot. I was inside appreciating my air-con when my dogs started yelping excitedly outside. Really excitedly.

My neighbour was away. And I knew that nobody should be on her property. So I curiously looked through the window.

And then I saw it.

A Cape Cobra.

With my two naively brave hounds baying for its blood.

Who could blame them? In their eyes it was simply an impostor. Worthy of harassment. How could something so “small” be deadly?

I panicked. Understandably. And yet somehow still managed to quickly herd my brood inside to safety.

A frenzied call to the farm manager followed. And he came sprinting over with his snake-catching rod (yup, it’s a real thing). Just in time to watch this sleek creature glide through a crack.

Under my cabin. Crap.

And as far as I know it’s still there.


So what now?

Well it’s been an interesting few days since.

I started at paranoid. Moved on to uncomfortable. And have settled at resigned acceptance.

Here’s my thinking; I can’t control the snake. And I only have partial control of my dogs. Yet I DO control my thoughts. Completely!

So whilst I’m now more cautious about my surroundings, it’s from a perspective of AWARENESS as opposed to FEAR (and I keep my windows closed).

And whilst it’s really easy to think of worst-case-scenarios, it’s just as easy to direct my thoughts on to nicer things. Like watching the sunset with a glass of wine. Or where I’ll run in the morning. Which is what I’m doing (mostly).

And luckily Cobras are scaredy-cats. They don’t like barky dogs. Or people (barky or not).

Yup, this is just part of farm life. And the events will unfold as they will. No matter what my thoughts.

and I can choose to see it as wrong. Or not.

Which will define my experience as scary. Or not.

Just another choice.