I don’t get out much anymore..

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I DO get out but I avoid busy places. And commercial hubs. Like shopping malls.

My move to the country has focused my attention on different things. On purpose.

That said, there are certain “essentials” that can only be purchased closer to the city. In a shopping mall. Sigh.

So, about once a month, I brace myself and do the deed. And it’s always an assault on my senses. But a necessary one.

And it was on one of these excursions last week when I found myself in the dispensary section of a pharmacy. In a queue. A short one – thankfully.

And whilst I was patiently awaiting my turn, my eyes roamed curiously around. And noticed the strategically positioned promotional media. Or adverts. LOTS of them.

But that’s not what this musing is about. We expect that. It’s part of retail.

It was the messages WITHIN the adverts that caught my eye.

Messages telling me to look for specific symptoms. Of illnesses I’d never even contemplated.

Or warning me of the perils of vitamin deficiencies I’d never heard of. With an obvious suggested “cure”.

So in effect, these words were planting new thoughts and ideas into my mind. Telling me to look for things that were wrong with me. Suggesting a multitude of ways I could be unwell. And bringing my focus to them. From a place of fear.

And we all know what Quantum Physics 101 tells us?


Clever marketing. Or not.

Nevertheless, the question in my mind was this:

If you didn’t KNOW about an illness, would you ever get it?

If the media wasn’t constantly drawing our “awareness” to new diseases, symptoms or prevention of the same, how would our experience change?

What if we focused on feeling wellness instead of looking for symptoms of being ill?

What if being healthy was simply a reason to feel good. And live a good life. Not to prevent disease.

Expecting to feel good versus expecting to feel bad.

They’re different energies.

They’re different experiences.

And yet still a CHOICE.