My previous musing skirted around the issue of the power of suggestion. (if you missed it you can read it here).

And, in line with that thinking, if we agree that our joyful (or not-so-joyful) thoughts play a definite role in our well-being (physically and mentally), then where does that leave the issue of “statistics”..?

Here’s what I mean:

I have a friend (a runner friend) who recently had to have a knee op. Now for a runner, ANY operation is devastating. It means no running. For ages. Soul destroying stuff.

Naturally, her first question to the surgeon was about rehab. How long would it take?

And his response was typically academic. He advised that (based on statistics) she would take 5 months to heal and would probably never run again. Ever.

Now luckily my friend is hard core. A stubborn optimist. Very determined. NOTHING would ever stop her running.

And she decided that SHE would determine when she was ready to run again. End of story. And 3 months later, she was back on the road.

Now the point of this musing is this:

Statistics never account for anyone’s state of mind.

And THE MIND is the main influencer in any issue of wellness. Isn’t it?

Which means that any statistics thrown at us (about anything really) are ONLY valid if we BELIEVE them. They are NEVER an indication of what could apply to us personally.

Well, that’s what I believe.

It’s simple really.

WE and WE ALONE decide how fast we heal. Or even whether we heal at all.

Pretty powerful stuff.