“The Poo-less Movement”. Ever heard of it?

Until recently, I hadn’t either.

And no, it’s got nothing to do with our bowels.

It was during a recent conversation with some gals that the topic of hair care arose. As it does.

One particular lady, who boasts beautiful long locks, proudly declared that she hasn’t used shampoo in over a year. Yup, a whole year! (shampoo-less.. get it?)

Yet her hair wasn’t clumpy. Or greasy. In fact it looked brilliant!

I was definitely intrigued. And curious. Self-cleaning hair? Really?

Now, I have no beef with my own hair. I’m your average Joe who shampoos and conditions every other day. Simple.

Yet, in my quest to live simplistically, I felt called to try this. And I decided to give it a go. Just for fun.

There are various forms of poo-less-ness (go ahead and Google it) but I chose the easiest. Which is water-only washing. Which I did in the shower after my run every day.

They say the challenge is getting through the first (rather greasy) week. After that it’s downhill. Apparently.

And in all honesty I did just fine. Initially.

I got used to the different texture. And quite enjoyed the daily brushing (to draw the natural oils down the hair shaft).

But it was on day 12 that I drew the line. Yup, I threw in the proverbial towel. Just quit.

Why? Because for the first time, on this day, I could SMELL my hair. Even after my water-wash. It hovered like a fug around my head. You know the smell I mean, right?

And that was it for me.

Yet this brief and rather inane experiment wasn’t in vain. At all.

I now know, quite clearly, that I prefer shampooing, albeit less often. It works for me. And I‘ve also learned that I can go 3 or 4 days just rinsing and conditioning. Score 1 for simplicity.

And it was fun to challenge a belief that I’ve taken for granted my entire life.

So here’s my point (as always):

It’s GOOD to reach outside of your comfort zone. Because that’s where we CLARIFY what works for us and what doesn’t.

And THAT’S what leads to new ideas. And simple changes. And more fun!

Because it’s too easy to get caught up in the comfortable routine of familiarity.

But there’s simply no growth in sameness. Just eventual boredom. Stagnation.

And remember too: it’s NEVER about the endpoint. It’s ALWAYS about the experience.

Every. Single. Time.