It’s one of my favourite things.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a fabulous night of deep slumber. One where you wake up feeling refreshed. Content. At ease.

But that’s not always the case (as we all know).

Here in my little corner of the world, I have a bubbly and enthusiastic little neighbour. Her name is Lulu and she’s a Jack Russel Terrier.

Now, Little Lulu has some occasional nocturnal habits. She fancies herself as the Brave Guardian of her territory (a role she takes very seriously). And that means sudden (very loud) bouts of barking at any time of day. Or night.

I’m naturally a light sleeper. Always have been. I’ll hear snails slurping their way up a window. And as such, I habitually wear ear plugs. Every night.

Yet, there are no ear plugs in existence that will muffle the sound of Lulu shouting her warnings of impending invasion.

Which means I wake up. Violently.

Initially, when I first moved here, I would lie in bed and seethe. Cursing Lulu. I knew sleep would be illusive for at least an hour. Or more. Damn…!

I’d feel frustrated. Angry. Peeved. Which would just push any hope of sleep further away.

A vicious circle (of my own creation).

It felt hopeless.

So, as with anything that feels bad, I decided a change of perspective was in order. How could this work FOR me? And not AGAINST me?

Lulu will bark when she feels the urge. That I can’t change.

But I CAN change what I think and how I feel when woken (albeit rather abruptly).

So now, when Lulu makes herself heard in the dead of night, I think of it as bonus reading time. I ALWAYS have a good book on the go so why not? Sometimes I’ll make some lovely tea. I LOVE tea.

An angry mind is a busy mind. And there’s little chance of sleep. Yet, with a self-nurturing approach (reading and tea) my mind quietens. And I’ll generally fall back asleep with 30 mins. Or so.

A simple shift in my thinking. And perspective.

Problem solved!

Another no-brainer…