A few years ago, I took stock of an annoying and uncomfortable digestive issue by eliminating sugar and wheat from my diet. It was quite a thing at the time as I was a self-confessed carb-queen.

At the time, I assumed it meant saying goodbye to all baked goods. Which was hard. I LOVE muffins and rusks (for those non-South Africans, rusks are fabulous crunchy baked goods that we dunk in our coffee/tea).

Sure, there are wheat/sugar-free versions of various baked items commercially available. But they’re fairly tasteless, scarce, and retail at about three times the price.

So, I decided to experiment myself.

And thus began the re-kindling of my love for baking.

Armed with almond, flaxeed and coconut flour, xylitol and various seeds, I’ve since created my unique versions of bread, muffins, biscuits and crackers. Even pizza bases. (Some of them are even edible…!)

You’re probably wondering where this is going, right?

Well, I was reading an article from a blog on Minimalism the other day.

It lamented about how we’ve moved from being a society of “creators” to a society of “consumers”.

And I sat for a moment and considered how that applied to my world.

Yup, my baking came to mind. Here I’m CREATING. Whilst previously I was CONSUMING.

And which feels better? Dumb question…

Because it’s not about the cookies or muffins, it’s about the fun that went into CREATING the them.

And that’s what it is. FUN.

I know, for most of us, time is short. Convenience creates consumers of us.

But sometimes it’s worthwhile taking the time to CREATE. For a change.

Cooking, sewing, knitting, painting, building. Whatever grabs your fancy.


It forces us into the moment. Full attention.

And it FEELS good!

And as FEELING BEINGS, isn’t that the whole point?