Only four more sleeps before I leave my little wooden haven.

Yup, I’m trading farm-life for suburbia. (“Yay! No more sheep stories!” I hear you yell…)

Ok, it’s not true suburbia. My new brick and mortar haven borders my favourite mountain range in Cape Town. It has the BEST trails for running. Ever. But that’s is a story for next week. This musing is about moving. My way.

First, a bit of context…

I moved house a lot when I was younger. In fact, In the first 10 years of my daughter’s life we moved 5 times. Every 2 years.

I don’t get attached to houses. Never have. So, it was always easy and exciting to find somewhere new to live.

I also loved the pre-move purging of anything unwanted…

I hate clutter, so moving frequently was a brilliant excuse to chuck stuff out. Downsize. Simplify.

My daughter felt differently.

At the age of 10, she put her foot down. She demanded a home. Somewhere to stay. Permanently (yikes!). I (eventually) acquiesced and we ended up staying IN THE SAME HOUSE for 15 years. Yup, FIFTEEN…!

She grew up, spread her wings, and I moved to the farm (correction, I FLED to the farm).

And I P-U-R-G-E-D..! And boy, it felt GOOD..!

15 years of accumulated STUFF!

It took many weekends. And I was ruthless. But I ended up with 10 plastic containers (the limit I set myself), my bed, 2-seater couch, desk, fridge and clothes.

That’s all.

I felt like I had shed 100kg’s of body weight! It was liberating! I could breathe again…

Simplicity personified.

Here’s what’s intriguing. Over the last 2 years, probably 40% of what little I brought with me, I don’t use. We need far less than we think.

So, this move will be the easiest one yet. In fact, I’ll probably pack the night before.

Simple, right?

And that’s what I always wanted.

Because I LIKE moving to new places.

Shifting my experience.

It keeps life interesting. And fresh.

And it’s expansive. And exciting.

Yet simple.

And isn’t that what life should be about?