A client recently asked me a very valid question.

He wanted to know what fear really FEELS like.

Now, before you roll your eyes, let me add some context.

In an earlier conversation, I had given him this instruction: the next time he feels his fear arise, he must get quiet and really FEEL the fear. Connect with it. And then let it flow through him.

NOW his question makes sense – right?

Well, what does fear feel like?

How do you know when you’re scared?

Do you feel it physically? Or emotionally?

Or is it simply a thought process?

Fear, and any other emotion, always starts from a thought. Which usually morphs into a whole bunch of thoughts. Which just intensifies the emotion. Until we feel it physically (usually in our gut).

So when we consciously try to FEEL our fear,

we’re simply paying FULL ATTENTION to it.

And thereby ACCEPTING it.

Acceptance for me is “aah.. ok, it’s just there”. And then the conversation stops.

There’s a sense of relief. And then it simply dissipates. And that’s the “flowing through you” bit.

So, what I’m really getting to here, is that once again, it’s our THOUGHTS at play (they’re sneaky little buggers, aren’t they..?).

As soon as we redirect our thinking, our emotions shift too. Seamlessly.

So yes, FEEL your emotion. Any emotion.

Focus fully on it. Stare it down.

Then watch it drift away.