I posted this pic (alongside) a few posts ago.

It’s the view from my desk. Lovely, right?

Not according to everyone. Apparently.

A friend was visiting recently, She popped over to cast an inquisitive eye over my new digs. And, of course, I bragged about the views. THIS view in particular.

Here’s what was interesting.

She looked. And frowned. Because she noticed the dense low-cost housing at the base of the mountain. In fact, that’s all she noticed. And in her opinion, it was an eyesore. (What about the mountain..??)

So, look at the pic again. What do you see?

Now, what’s important here is that there is NO WRONG ANSWER.

What you NOTICE is simply based on your PERSPECTIVE.


So, I see the expanse of beautiful mountains. Yup, the housing forms part of it. And that’s all. It’s not ugly, just part of the picture. I feel no negative emotion when I look at it. To me, the whole picture is gorgeous!

My friend, on the other hand, feels certain fears regarding this housing. And what it represents (in her opinion). So, for her, this is ugly. And in her defense, she’s not alone.

But that’s a whole new topic which we’ll park for now.

My point here (yup, there’s ALWAYS a point) is that what we see is unique. Based entirely on our current unique perspective.

And, as we know, our perspective is formed through our thoughts.

And experiences.

About whatever we’re noticing.

Here’s a wonderful analogy which I’m borrowing from The Teachings of Joshua.

Imagine a statue of a horse standing tall in the sun. With the sun shining down from behind you directly onto the statue, it’s majestic. As you slowly walk around the statue, the view of it shifts. When you stand in the shadow, it looks vastly different from when you stand in full sun.

Yet, it’s the SAME STATUE.

Get it?

Do you like horses? If you do, you’ll be ADMIRING its form. If not, your gaze will be CRITICAL.

Again, it’s your unique perspective, based entirely on your thinking.

And NEITHER is wrong. Just different.

Nobody thinks the same as anyone else. Ever.

Which means that ALL our perspectives are UNIQUE.

And right for each one of us.

Which (I think) is pretty exciting.

And quite simple really…