I’m a trail runner.

Which means that I run in the mountains. Almost exclusively.

That also means that 99% of my runs start on an uphill. Often a very steep uphill.

And believe me, that’s one hell of a way to warm up…!

As a result, I know that the first 5-10 minutes are going to be hard. And take effort. And I’ll probably feel really uncomfortable. And hate it.

But I ALSO know that after that, I’ll find my groove. My zone. And my muscles will feel start to feel strong. Part of a well-oiled machine.

And I’ll shift into LOVE mode.

So, THAT’S what I focus on. Right from the start.

It’s where I place my attention when every muscle is yelling “WHAT THE HELL…?” as I begin to haul myself up a mountain (it’s NOT a pretty sight…)

Because I KNOW that the discomfort is temporary.

As I gasp noisily for breath and my muscles scream in protest, I KNOW that  it is simply part of a bigger process. One that will feel AWESOME…!

So, I disregard that part. For me, it’s unimportant.

That’s my choice.

And here’s the good news…!

We can do that with ANY uncomfortable circumstance that shows up for us.

If we choose to.

Simply focus on the bigger picture. See the VALUE in the discomfort.

You’ll have to LOOK for it – but it’s ALWAYS there.

It’ll shift your experience. Completely.

And (as always), you’ll feel BETTER.

Simple, right?