I’m a firm believer in taking action from a place of INSPIRATION.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means following ideas that pop into my head when I’m in a GOOD emotional state. Like when I’m happy. Content. Satisfied. Feeling confident.

I KNOW these ideas will work out for me. And that they’ll add value in some way (they always do).

The flipside, of course, is acting when in fear mode. When our emotions are low. When we’re feeling sadness. Insecurity. Resentment. Or hate.

And let’s face it, more often than not, actions like these never end well. Or feel good.

It’s probably why so many diets fail. How many people start a diet from a feeling of self-appreciation? Most feel quite the opposite. Which pretty much sets you up to fail.

Yes, self- loathing may motivate you to eat differently initially, but it never lasts. Because whilst the food has changed, the self-loathing remains. And ultimately derails the diet. And results in more urges to soothe with junk-food.

Conversely, a lifestyle change based in self-appreciation simply has a different energy. From here we’re led to foods that nourish us and movement that we enjoy. And it’s sustainable.

Change the energy, change the result.

Makes sense, right?

So, when the new year rolls around, and the pressure to create some “resolutions” looms, I use the same principle (as described above) to set some juicy INTENTIONS.

First, I get into a GOOD-FEELING place.


Well, I make a list/journal/ponder on those things that felt GOOD from 2017. The things I’m proud of. Those “AHA” moments. The times when I’ve noticed my expansion. Or when I’ve let go of some baggage that’s been lingering for far too long.

Those times when I simply got out of my own way.

I remember how these moments FELT. And I linger there for a bit.

It’s from HERE that I plot my course for 2018:

  • Those brilliant things that I want to continue with. And expand. Like being more present. And allowing myself to flow more with life.
  • The new ideas that, until now, were too daunting to consider. Those ones that feel both exciting and scary at the same time.
  • Facing more of my irrational fears (if only for the AWESOME feeling of exhilaration).
  • And of course, participating in new adventures. Simply because it’s FUN!

The New Year is about reaching for more of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Authentically.

Because that ALWAYS feels better.

And this is a FEELING REALITY.

So, feeling GOOD is all that really matters.


Simple, really…