One of my MOST favourite topics.


Because it’s THE most powerful tool available to us in our pursuit of happiness.

I’m being absolutely serious!

Consider the little things that annoy us on any given day.

I for one, was once an “annoyance queen” (aka someone who got annoyed really easily). Anything in my environment that didn’t align with what I judged as right, annoyed me.

Noisy neighbours. The kettle giving up the goat. Slow traffic. You get the idea?

Yup, it really didn’t take much for me to drop down to the murky bottom of the emotional scale, over something happening outside of myself. Something in my environment. And, inevitably, something over which I had absolutely NO control.

Sound familiar?

Just yesterday, as I embarked on my daily haul up my favourite mountain, I narrowly missed planting my foot right onto a freshly deposited dog poop.

Now, the old me would have stopped, muttered indignantly about careless, selfish dog-owners and then grumped about it (in my head and to whoever would listen) for most of my run.

The result? A not-so-enjoyable run.

My own choice, entirely.

The NEW me, was simply jolly grateful that I missed stepping on it. And that’s all.

I simply let it go. Focused on the lovely run ahead. On my beautiful surroundings.

It wasn’t difficult.

Because I can’t control anyone else’s actions. Ever.

Grumping about the poop won’t change the owner’s behavior. It’ll simply ruin my experience.

Interestingly, the old me noticed dog poop everywhere when I ran. All the time.

The NEW me, doesn’t. It’s pretty much disappeared from my awareness (unless it’s impossible to avoid).

Proof that we attract more of whatever we focus on.

And ALSO proof that changing my perspective DEFINITELY DOES change my experience.

I’ve simply stopped seeing dog poop as wrong. It just a thing. An event. Neutral. No judgement.

A new perspective.

Simple, right?


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