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We are machines.

Ok, let me rephrase that.

We are not unlike the very mobile/laptop/PC that you’re reading this on.

Wait! Hear me out…

I’m not generally a very tech-savvy person. When my technical gadgets misbehave, I simply reboot. And that generally sorts the issue out.

Until a few weeks ago.

My laptop had been doing odd things. Some very odd things.

And so, in a moment of frustration, I decided to go big and re-install the operating system [gasp…].

As I went through the command process, I was warned (repeatedly) that I would keep all my files but would lose all my downloaded apps.

No biggie I thought. I don’t have that many apps..

Hah! I was wrong. So wrong.

We use apps for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

So there I was. Freshly installed version of Windows 10. And no apps.


And wow! My laptop was slick and efficient!

And I realised how all those apps had been slowing it down.

Interfering with it’s normal operations.

Showing up when I hadn’t asked.

Running quietly in the background, unnoticed.

But it got me thinking…

Isn’t this just the perfect metaphor for us mortal beings?

When we’re born, we’re these perfect operating systems. Squeaky clean, shiny eyed and brimming in optimism and curiosity.

Until society/well-intending parents grab hold of us and teach us how to believe in fear.

Fear of danger.

Fear of disapproval.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of criticism.

And as we grow, we simply add to the ever-growing hoard of fear-based beliefs.

Unaware of how they’re slowing us down.

Interfering with our normal operations.

Showing up unexpectedly.

Quietly simmering in our sub-conscious, unnoticed.

Notice the similarity?

So, maybe it’s time for a reboot.

Or, if you’re brave enough, a full system restore. YEE-HAH..!!

Where we haul those unwanted and uninvited fear-based beliefs out of hiding, process them and banish them into the wilderness for good. Done!

As for my laptop, I’m being extremely picky about which apps I reinstall. I’m choosing ONLY those that ENHANCE my experience.

And when it comes to my beliefs?

I intend to extend the very same courtesy to myself…