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I had a brief encounter with an old flame a few days ago.

Okay, we ran past each other on the mountain. And waved.

What?! It WAS an encounter, and it WAS brief..! Huh…

Now, as you roll your eyes thinking that this is yet ANOTHER trail-running story, it’s not. I promise…

Anyway, after I’d sprinted past him (haha), I started thinking.

How is it that at one moment in time we can find ourselves strongly attracted to someone, and yet at another time we find completely the opposite applies.

Neither of us are any more or less attractive than when we first met. Yet that chemistry is simply gone. Completely.

In this case (at least from my part), we parted as friends. So, I feel no emotional sway one way or another. On this occasion, I saw him as simply another human being sharing my mountain path.

So what’s changed?

Dare I say it?

My perspective. That’s all.

That’s what happens when we muddle through life. We learn. We grow. We expand.

And as such, we shift our perspective.

About ourselves. And about the world around us. Which includes the people in it.

Some would say that where once he and I were energetically aligned, now we simply aren’t.

And here’s the real kicker..



Granted, when we first got together, neither of us planned to head off on different paths. We just did. Gradually.

In this case, we shared fewer and fewer interests. Until there were none.

So, we moved on.

No one’s fault. Just a choice. No regrets.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here, is that even when things don’t end up the way we initially  hoped they would, we should still celebrate our GROWTH.

And that shift in perspective is all the evidence of growth that you need.

Because we’re not meant to stay the same. That’s dull.

Some relationships grow with you, some don’t.

That’s not unusual or unexpected in a world of unique and diverse individuals.

It’s life. Real life.

And expansion is GOOD!