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It’s not a secret.

Nor am I ashamed to admit it.

But here’s the truth:


I Avoid. Social. Media. 

There. I’ve said it.

But, let me expand a bit here.

I don’t dislike it. Nor do I think it’s bad/wrong/evil.

I simply don’t resonate with it. At all.

We’re simply not vibrational buddies.

Yet, I respect that everyone is unique. Which means we all like different things. For different reasons. So, I don’t have any judgement towards anyone who feels differently.

Here’s my conundrum; when you have a coaching business, like mine, social media is one of the BEST marketing tools. (internal scream…!).

And when you’ve just launched a new online course (have I mentioned that before?? lol), social media can play a big part in getting your message out there.

And so, a few days ago I began the odious task of acquainting myself with sites like Reddit and Quora.

Holy Cow.

It took MAJOR effort.

In fact, running up a steep mountain track dragging a tractor tyre behind me felt more appealing..

But, later, as I relayed this (with dramatic license) to my amused daughter, I realized that my resistance/inner screaming was a direct result of the story I had created around social media in my head.

Yup, it was simply a result of my (say it with me) PERSPECTIVE.

And, as we know, we can CHOOSE our perspective.

Luckily, me being me, I have the tools to do that (yaaaay!)

So, the next step is to shift gears from what Jacky personally avoids to what’s best for Jacky’s business.

Two distinctly different perspectives of exactly the same tool.

Which could mean embracing (some) new social media platforms (she says whilst sucking in deep breaths..).

Yup, I’m a work in progress..

Stay tuned, you’ll be the first to know..