First off, let me define what I mean by “stuff”.

In this context, I’m referring to our accumulated belongings. Those items we’re holding on to from days gone by. Sometimes LOTS AND LOTS of days gone by..

So where am I going with this? Let me explain…

Over the past few months, my sister and I have been laboriously wading through all the stuff my father left behind. You see, my dad was a classic hoarder. Right down to the piles of newspapers haphazardly scattered around his house.

And whilst he held onto a lot of rubbish (till-slips, empty envelopes etc..) he also had boxes, shelves and cupboards FULL of mementos from decades gone by.

Yup, we knew this about him. And we always knew that one day it would become our mess to clear. But I’ll be honest, I was still surprised by some of the artifacts we’ve unearthed in this process.

And it got me thinking.. (as it does).

Why DO we hold onto relics from our past?

And is it a good thing?

Well, here’s my perspective.

My family was odd. And growing up within its confines wasn’t much fun.

So it’s no surprise that poring over my father’s collection of items from our youth brought back unpleasant memories. And it felt crappy.

Me? I have very few items still in my possession that remind me of that time.

Quite simply, I’m happy to put it all behind me and celebrate the version of myself that I now am.

Of course, the opposite is true too.

I have way more things stashed away from my daughters earlier years. They remind me of happy times. When I look at them I feel GOOD!

But here’s the point that I really want to make:

Where we come from is only as important as we want it to be.

Who I am TODAY is all that really matters.

We expand DAILY. No exceptions.

Which means that tomorrow I will be MORE than I am today.

Who I was yesterday no longer matters.

That’s universal law. Whether we’re conscious of it or not.

So, the next time you’re clearing out your junk drawer/cupboard/room, be ruthless.

If an item triggers hinky feelings, TOSS IT!

Make space for the NEW version of you.

It’s simple really.