One of my key intentions for this year is to LET GO OF CONTROL.

And by that I mean to ALLOW more.


And to ease up on being ATTACHED TO A SPECIFIC OUTCOME.

You get what I mean?

It’s a tall order. Believe me, I know.

We’re so action-oriented. Society has taught us to make it happen.. So to suddenly step back, take a deep breath and follow the breadcrumbs feels odd.. Interesting, but odd..

One of the ways that I’m embracing this new perspective, is to ditch my judgement of events that I deem as wrong. Because that’s when I inevitably try to control the circumstances to make it right!

So I catch myself in the moment (well, I try to), suspend judgement and observe with curiosity.

Here’s an example..

A few days ago I needed to buy some supplements from the pharmacy and draw some cash to pay a friend.  I had a 15 minute window between appointments so I dashed into the pharmacy with the intent of finding an autobank afterwards.

I wasn’t really paying much attention when I was paying, so as I swiped my card my eye caught sight of the total amount owed and it seemed rather inflated.

The till slip proved it true – I had been charged for an item twice.

Not the end of the world, I know. But inconvenient none-the-less. And time was ticking..

Normally I would have been frustrated, and probably annoyed. Both for the inconvenience and the waste of time.

Yup, I would have simply judged it as wrong.

But I caught myself in time and decided this would be good practice for my bad-ass intention (see above).

So I decided to simply allow this to unfold as it will.

The cashier was super-apologetic and summoned the supervisor who whisked me off to issue a refund.

And as it turned out, cash was the only refund option available (another long story..).

But here’s the thing, the process took less than 5 minutes and I walked out with cash in my wallet. The exact amount I needed to withdraw.

Need I say more?

It’s a small example of the potential that exists when we get out of our own way..

Opportunities show up.

Perceived issues resolve.


Simple, right?