This week I’ve decided to share an interesting experience that occurred a few months ago.

It’s a simple and fairly arbitrary tale.

And you can draw your own conclusions..


I’ve mentioned in previous musings that I live in a valley. One road in and out, pretty much.

One afternoon, I was driving to my favourite spot for a run. And that involved leaving the valley. On said road.

About halfway to my destination, the traffic ground to a halt. Just stopped. And there was no indication as to why.

I took a deep breath, turned up my music and settled back to wait. I had the time, no biggie..

About 15 mins later we had barely moved so I got curious. I wanted to know why we had stopped, whether it would be resolved in time for my run, or should I just turn around?

Normal questions, I thought..

So I grabbed my phone and started combing through my (limited) social media platforms. Surely I’d find the answer somewhere? I mean, people LOVE to share everything..! Don’t they?

As I swiped through page after page of nonsensical waffle, I became aware of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction drawing up level to my car.

And then it stopped.

Right alongside me.

And the chap driving it knocked on my window.

Initially annoyed at being interrupted, I opened my window wearing what was probably my “WTF! face” (yup, I have one for special occasions).

The chap looked at me, smiled, and announced that a truck had broken down across both lanes further up. And that they were in the process of moving it, which meant the standstill would soon be resolved.

Then he smiled again and drove off..

So here’s what’s baffling. Actually no. It’s MIND-BLOWING..!

As he drove off I looked around to see why he had stopped. Right next to me.

And there was nothing.

He hadn’t dropped anyone off.

There was no intersection.

Nor had he picked anyone up. He was alone when he drove off.

The only conclusion I could get to was that he had stopped to tell me exactly what I wanted to know.

Yup, I was one car in a line of many. Yet he stopped next to me. And only me.

Freaky, right?


Now you can believe what you may, but I’m choosing the mystical here.

I like knowing that there are some things that we can’t always explain logically.

That some things are simply bigger than us.

And this, for me, was one of them.

I asked a question, and manifested the answer.


THAT’S how powerful our intentions can be.

Yup, we get what we expect.

What we focus on.


Simple, right?