The majority of the work that I do with my clients centers around raising our vibration.

Or, in other words, feeling better. More often.

I know that sounds fairly simplistic, but believe me, most of us have many, many layers (aka unhelpful beliefs) to purge before the mists of doom begin to clear..

But generally, as we progress through his process, we start to lighten the load.

And as life starts looking brighter, things start to shift.

In a good way.

When that happens it’s not uncommon for a client to pop up (text, email, call) and exuberantly announce:

“OMW!! You’ll never guess what just happened..?!”

And it’s ALWAYS something awesome!

And said “awesome thing” ALWAYS seems to simply show up.. Mostly without much effort.

Lovely. Little. Miracles.

That’s what I call them.

But here’s the bit that floors me..

When I question as to why they think this LLM appeared/happened, the reply is nearly always the same:


Yup, just like that they abscond from taking any of the credit.

Now, I get it. When things go pear-shaped we’re oh-so eager to blame ourselves. Repeatedly. And often for a looong time.

So why can’t we “blame ourselves” when things go RIGHT..? Huh..?

The laws of the Universe exist.

They simply ARE.

They have no judgement or emotions. Much like gravity.

Gravity exists whether you’re conscious of it or not.

So when we apply the Law Of Attraction (aka quantum physics), it exists whether we’re consciously leveraging it or not.

You with me?

Which means what shows up in our lives is ALWAYS a match to how we’re feeling.

Good AND bad.


So stop.

Think about the GOOD things that have shown up for you in your little corner of the world.

All those things that FEEL RIGHT.

And bask in the cleverness that is YOU.

YOU did that.

YOU created that.

Now pat yourself on the back. Repeatedly.

Simple, right?