There are a LOT of conversations going on in the world.

Some are interesting. Some not..

Meet Kyla and Astrid.

These two AWESOME ladies have a podcast called How To Be Human and if you like authenticity and honesty? Well this is one you don’t want to miss..

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited into their conversation.


Just WOW!

The result is that this week YOU get to listen to the three of us discuss self-judgement, measuring success and procrastination (amongst many other things).

It was a heap of fun and a big nudge towards my own venture into my newly minted VLOG’s (watch this space for #2 coming shortly).

You can listen to this AMAZING conversation HERE..!


Speaking of conversations, are you yearning after your own inspiring conversations with like-minded people?

Well, you can’t miss THIS then..!


Much love