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Yes, I know. Overthinking was last weeks’ topic, but there’s another aspect to this contentious conversation that I’d like to share.

Let me start with a question:

Have you ever experienced overthinking when you’re happy?

IOW is it possible to overthink good thoughts?

Good question, right?

Here’s my take:

When I’m in a high emotional mood (aka happy), I simply don’t notice my thinking.

It feels good and therefore isn’t an issue.

Interesting, right?

Which means it’s only when our heads are full of fearful scary thoughts

that we judge ourselves as “overthinking” and therefore as WRONG

That we’re broken and need fixing.

Now we know that our thoughts are directly linked to our mood.

Which means that our head full of horrid thoughts is a result of our mood.

So wouldn’t it make sense to focus on shifting our MOOD instead of trying to stop our overthinking?

That if our mood improved, the overthinking would too..?

Read that again..

I know, you’re probably thinking that it can’t be that simple.

That changing our mood doesn’t change the reality of whatever it is we’re “overthinking” about.

But wait. It does.

Because when we raise our vibration emotionally, we SHOW UP differently.

And the way we see the world (aka our perspective) changes.

So things that we previously saw as scary or hopeless, may now seem different. Less scary.

We may now notice solutions that we previously simply couldn’t access in our overwhelmed state.

So there you have it.



Ponder it.

See if it resonates.