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If I had a brick for each time I’ve been called a Drama Queen, I’d have a mansion by now..

Yup, that’s a lot.

And I have to admit, until recently I found it really offensive!

‘Coz it’s an insult. Isn’t it..?

Well, society would like us to believe that. It’s part of that wonderful “programming” I often refer to.

But wait.

What if it WASN’T a bad thing..?

What if being “of the dramatically inclined” was applauded..? Even encouraged..?

What if it had a PURPOSE..?

Well, that’s how I currently choose to perceive those of the dramatic persuasion (myself included).

Why..? (you ask)

Here’s my thinking..

We were born to experience life AS A HUMAN.

Which means we have a RANGE OF EMOTIONS.

And we’re meant to EXPERIENCE those emotions.

All. Of. Them.

So if our emotional range was 1 – 10 (where 1 = super-grumpy and 10 = ecstatic) dramatic would  most probably hover around the lower end of the range.

And we’ve been taught to AVOID being at the bottom. Because it feels bad.

And no-one likes to feel bad, right?

But here’s the clanger.

Our growth and expansion depends on us periodically experiencing and feeling contrast.

IOW, from experiencing LACK (fear), we’re moved to seek out ABUNDANCE (love).

Which is how we GROW.

Yup, one doesn’t exist without the other (it’s that whole yin/yang thing).

So, looping back to our original conversation, by being dramatic (feeling and expressing conflicting emotions), we allow ourselves to experience the LACK (fear/contrast).

Which is all part of the grand scheme of things. Right?

And even better, as drama queens we get to express it creatively..! Passionately..! What fun!

So, go on.

Let go of trying to CONTROL.


Simply embrace your FEAR and OWN your inner drama queen.

She’s important for your growth.

I promise..