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I love it when I have the opportunity to “practice what I preach” so to speak. It gives me material for my musings..

And last week one such opportunity presented itself rather elegantly.

The community that I live in has recently collectively decided to switch to a bigger Internet Service Provider. Which meant individually giving notice to whichever ISP we each currently used in favour of connecting to the bigger, better and cheaper ISP.

And of course, this meant the installation of new equipment..

I was booked to make the switch from 1st March but suddenly found myself without internet access on Tuesday last week.

The short version, is that verbal wires got crossed and the equipment I was currently connected to was removed by my current ISP. Permanently.

When it came down to who was responsible for that particular decision, it became a “he-said-she-said” scenario. Yawn..

I was contractually obligated to pay them until the end of February but without any means of providing a service for me, I queried this as a breach of contract on their part. Following which I was told very curtly (in writing) that I’d better pay up or else.

Now, I know, there’s a principle here. I believed I had a valid argument and part of me wanted to wag my dainty finger at them in admonishment: Bad ISP Provider..!

But we know how these thing unfold, don’t we..

Written accusations, finger-pointing, anger, frustration, and so on..

Engaging at this level keeps us locked into that energy.

Focused of what we DON’T want or like.

NONE of which feels good.


So I stopped.

And had an “honesty” moment with myself:

I’m only ever responsible for MY experience. This I know.

So what experience did I CHOOSE in this instance?

That was a no-brainer.. I wanted to feel GOOD! Relaxed. Easy..

Which meant turning the other cheek. Focusing on something else.

Just paying up and walking away.

Not because they’re right. Nope..

Because as I say so often – we’re responsible for how we feel.

And battling this out would NEVER feel good.

And I CHOOSE to feel good as often as possible.

Proving someone wrong or needing to be right

is simply our ego needing to feel validated.

It means NOTHING about our value.

At all.


So I did it.

I’ve paid my last installment and closed the book on them. Simple.

Luckily I’ve been connected to the new ISP and I’m enjoying super-fast internet (yes, here in SA it’s still a thing).

And that softens the financial stretch a tad.

But mostly I’m pretty proud of myself.

For putting MYSELF first.

Yup, bypassing my ego and choosing the higher perspective.

(Yay me!)

Simple, right??