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There are days when I know EXACTLY which route I want to run on before I hit the mountain. I picture it in my mind and it just feels right..

And then there are days when I want to run but when I scan through the routes in my head, nothing resonates. They either feel dull, too hard (usually those that head UP), or too long..

It’s on day like these that I pull myself back to the present. I KNOW that once I get out onto the mountain I’ll feel good. So I start with that.

I pick a starting point that has many variations to the route. Then I just start. And I go with how I feel.

As I approach a fork in the path, I go with the one that looks more enticing. Ditto the next fork.

And I can guarantee that I ALWAYS  end up choosing the PERFECT route for exactly how I feel at that time.

The same analogy can be used in our daily lives. For choices that affect any aspects of our lives.

Let’s use the example of dinner.

There are days when we just KNOW what we want to eat. We can picture it, smell it, even taste it.

Yup, it’s THAT real.

And no matter what, we’ll make it happen. We know exactly where to buy it, or how to make it. Done..!

Then there are times when we just don’t know..

We scan through the many meal choices in our minds but nothing bites (pun intended – heehee).

But more often than not, when we’re standing in front of the fridge waiting for inspiration, some thought will take root in our minds. Which becomes a starting point.

And from there, we follow our desire (aka scrounging through all of our cupboards) until we have the perfect meal (for that day).. And guess what, 99% of the time it works out just fine. Often way better than we imagined..!

Sound familiar..? Uh-huh..

So what’s really going on..?

We live in a world where we’re taught that successful people have clear goals with a clear pathway to achieving said goals.

So we think of what we want, and then we automatically start planning how to get there.

Now, sometimes, if we’re truly aligned with the idea, the path to achieving it is obvious. And simple.

It flows..

In these cases, the entire journey just works.

But when we know which direction we want to head, but we’re not sure exactly where we want to end up, it can be less clear. And that’s what trips a lot of us up.

Because then we try to CONTROL the process.

We think 50 steps ahead to an outcome we simply don’t feel aligned to (no matter how hard we try) and then we grit our teeth and force ourselves onward. And in my experience, that NEVER feel good..

I guess the message I’m trying to relay here,

is to LISTEN to what your feelings are telling you.

If you can’t visualise the end-point, what exactly does that mean about you?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

It’s simply our inner guidance at work..

If something doesn’t resonate, maybe there’s a better path for you. One that FEELS good.

The destination isn’t always clear right now, because we don’t align with it yet.

So if we just take ONE STEP towards what FEELS good or comfortable, the NEXT STEP will present itself in due course.

And if you remain RELAXED and OPEN, that’ll lead you to the next step. And so on.. And so on..

Until you end up EXACTLY where you’re meant to be..!

It’s a no-fail system.

Let go of trying to control.

Simply RELAX, be CURIOUS and listen to your heart (not your head).

Simple, right?