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My daughter recently had her phone unwittingly removed from her care – yup, it was stolen.

Now, like me, she leans towards the uber-sensitive end of the emotional scale. So I expected the worst.

But, she surprised me by being relatively pragmatic about the whole affair.

It’s just stuff she commented.. (so grown up – sigh..)

But one thing she said made me pause to ponder.

You see, we both believe in the Law Of Attraction (LOA). In that context she stated:

I’ve been racking my brain to pinpoint what I did to create this reality. I’ve been feeling really good lately so what did I do to attract this..?

Good question, right?

To most people, LOA means that we get what we expect. Yup, we attract our reality based on our current emotional vibration (that’s the simplistic version).

In other words,

if I’m focused on the fact that I have a lack of money,

I’ll attract more lack of money.

Simple, right?

But maybe there’s another layer to that. Like in the case of the stolen iPhone.

We all agree that it’s through experience that we grow, right?

So maybe, in feeling good lately, my daughter attracted an opportunity to grow (which is GOOD). To take a step towards becoming a more expanded version of herself.

Which manifested as the theft of her phone.

How can that be a good thing, you ask..?

Well, as with any event, WE GET TO CHOOSE how we react to it.

Do we react in fear (anger)? Or in love (acceptance)?

Remember, the event in and of itself, is NEUTRAL.

Our JUDGEMENT of it makes it good or bad.

In this case, she initially defaulted to fear (yup, she was pretty pissed), but then chose to move towards acceptance.

Why? Because acceptance feels better.

And once we feel better, we gain access to the multitude of interesting and valuable insights and perspectives available.

We can begin to align with all that we can GAIN from this event. The POSITIVE aspects, so to speak.

Which brings us full circle.

Because yes, my daughter DID attract this. Yes, she DID create this experience.

But not because she was “bad”..

Quite the opposite, actually.

It’s a lesson we can apply to ALL of our lives – especially now.

How do you CHOOSE to respond to fear?

It’s a no-brainer really..

Simple, right?