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Here in Cape Town, we’re in our first week of lock-down. Yup, the whole country is doing it’s bit to “flatten the curve” so to speak.

And for most people, it’s been quite an adjustment – whether it’s the sudden lack of daily structure or forced confinement with our loved ones.

Now, as I mentioned in last week’s musing, HOW we experience this period in time, is pretty much OUR CHOICE.

Why? Because (say it with me) we CHOOSE our perspective, and therefore we CHOOSE where we focus our thoughts.

Got it? Good…

Of course, this means that we can consciously look towards the positive aspects of this experience. Which, in turn, also means that we can feel ok about this. Right?

And what’s wrong with that?


Yet, not everyone agrees.

In fact, I’ve noticed a fair amount of GUILT showing up in some who would prefer to feel good, but feel that it would be a form of betrayal to those who are suffering.

“How can I feel good when people are ill and dying..?”

And I get that. I understand the thinking. But I don’t agree.

Let’s look at this from an energetic perspective.

The energy of the collective influences us all. Agreed?

And the higher the energy/vibration, the better we all fare.

GUILT is a low-emotional energy. Yup, ALL of the fear-based emotions wallow down there too. Anger, judgement (there’s LOTS of that around), even sympathy. They all hold us in a place of low emotion.

Yet, when we feel bad aren’t we naturally drawn towards those who feel good?

And doesn’t that then mean that we’re of more use collectively when we’re showing up as the best versions of ourselves?

But here’s the thing:

we can only be that

if we manage where we’re vibrating emotionally.

Because from a higher emotional state, we can access true strength, love and compassion.

Yup, from there we get to be the beacon that anchors those in need.

We get to hold the vibration at a level that beneficial.

Remember, we’re in this together.

And everyone will experience this time in history uniquely.

Which is how it’s meant to be.

Yet, how I show up influences my ability to help my clients. Which in turn influences their interactions with their families and how they do their jobs. And so it plays forward..


It literally serves no-one to hold yourself there.

Simple, right?