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I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned a LOT about myself during this lockdown.

Like what? You ask..

Well, for one thing, I’m quite happy in my own space, doing my own thing. I don’t even have to go out much.

Until you tell me I’m not ALLOWED to.

Then I WANT to go out. All the time..!

So yes, Self-realization #1 is that I have issues with authority (if my mom was still around she’d be rolling her eyes..).

I could list a whole number of minor personal insights into “what makes Jacky tick”, but the insight I really wanted to share today is this:

I need structure.

Yup, I admit, I work better within a structured environment.

Now many of you probably relate. Needing structure is not uncommon. In fact, it’s often recommended by business gurus as one of the steps to being uber-successful.

However, I prefer to look at it differently.

Structure, in and of itself, is simply a suggested tool. Right?

It’s what’s BEHIND the need for structure that makes it a good or bad experience.

And in my case, if I’m completely honest, it’s my fear of not “getting enough done”.

Which tells me that part of me still buys into the idea that I have to do X amount of work in a day in order to feel good about myself (aka worthy).

Which I know is NOT my absolute truth (not anymore).

The point I’m trying to make today, is that when we approach ANYTHING from a place of fear (as in my example above), we walk a rocky path. Which, for me, simply doesn’t feel good.

If I constantly hold my happiness ransom to how much I get done in a day,

then not only do I lose enthusiasm for what I’m doing,

but I’m effectively inviting low emotional energy into my reality.

And that simply doesn’t feel good. Ever.

So what to do..?

Well, now I’m AWARE of this fear-based construct within my reality. That’s the first step.

Going forward, I get to CONSCIOUSLY start operating OUTSIDE of any practiced structure that I’ve created for myself. Break out of my comfort-zone, so to speak..

And FEEL THE FEARS that come up as part of that process.

That’ll then lead to a shifting of my perspective (yep, that again..) to one that makes more sense to who I am now. One that aligns with my current belief of innate worthiness.

And then it’s simply PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE..

Luckily there’s loads of time and opportunity for that (yay lockdown..!).

Remember, the concept of creating STRUCTURE is a neutral event. It’s a tool.

It’s the judgement and/or emotion that we ATTACH to that (or any) tool

that determines our experience of it.


It’s not rocket-science chaps.

Our PERSPECTIVE of anything determines how we experience it.

So if your current perspective doesn’t feel right, CHANGE IT..!

It’s ALWAYS¬† our choice.

We are NEVER victims to ANYTHING. 

Victim-hood is a CHOSEN perspective (yep, read that again).

Simple, right?