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If you’re a surfer, then you know the thrill of riding the wave..

In fact, that’s the whole point to surfing, right? Paddling against the surf until you reach that serene spot beyond where the waves break. Then patiently waiting for the perfect wave to claim before surrendering to the momentum of the ride..

Then being in that moment, just you and the wave.

Now this entire experience wouldn’t exist without each and every step.

Each occurring in it’s perfect moment.

And my point here?

Well, we can apply this exact analogy to the situation we currently find ourselves in.

Let me explain…

We feel fear. We resist it initially. But if we push through that fear, quietly processing and refocusing our attention, we find ourselves in a place of acceptance.

It is what it is.

We give up our resistance (aka control), yup, we simply surrender to the moment.

We allow ourselves to go with the flow, trusting life to unfold as it will.

Which means we find ourselves in alignment with love-based energy as opposed to fear-based energy.

And it’s from here that our experience shifts.

Instead of flooding our porous minds with scary ideas and imagery (courtesy of the media),



And it’s with that same compassion that we respect each individual’s chosen experience of this event.


Ultimately, as we ride the wave of this pandemic, we have a choice.

Simply put, there are two perspectives.

One of resistance and effort, and one of surrender and ease.

We’ve done the resistance.

We’ve done the efforting.

Now it’s time to SURRENDER.

To allow the EASE and be IN THE MOMENT.

Yup, it’s time to go with the flow and RIDE THAT WAVE..

I know which perspective I choose…

Simple, right?