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It’s a bit of a buzzword at the mo.. Well, here in my corner of the world at any rate.

I live in a gated community. And last week, within minutes of publishing my last blog, I received notification that not only were we facing continuing lockdown restrictions, but due to a resident in our community testing positive for Covid-19, we were being quarantined for at least 2 weeks.

WTF..! (yup, that was my go-to thought..)

Why my reference to my last blog? Well, if you read it you’ll recall that it was about “riding the wave”.. Surrendering to the flow.. Letting go of resistance..

Yup, I know..

And there I was – FUMING..!

I can do social distancing (been living it for years by choice).

I can forgo buying alcohol (yup, our leaders are pretty serious about their lockdown).

But not being able to leave my house? At all..? For TWO WEEKS (at least)..?


That was a BIG ask..!

And as I sat letting this news sink in, that knowing voice in my head (aka my intuition) was whispering in my ear:

On with your big-girl panties and practice what you preach young lady..!


I’ll admit, dear readers, that it took a bit of time before I could see this from a higher perspective. But I got there. And wow, it was insightful..!

Because as I found my centre, breathed deeply and let the resistance go, so the enormity of this opportunity presented itself.

Here’s what I mean:

My initial reaction was born of the idea that I was losing my freedom. That I was being controlled.

But here’s the thing;

do my PHYSICAL MOVEMENTS and LOCALITY dictate the state of my freedom?

Well, I don’t think so.

My freedom, from MY perspective is my ability to THINK.

And NOBODY can ever control where I choose to focus those thoughts. Ever.

Which means that I can ALWAYS choose how I feel – because we KNOW that our thoughts determine how we feel, right?

And if my perspective is a result of how I choose to focus my thoughts,

then, in fact,

it’s ALWAYS up to ME to decide whether I’m having a good time or not.

So, in a nutshell, OUT with victimhood, in with CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING MY REALITY.

And I decided then and there that these two weeks were going to be AWESOME!

Different, but AWESOME!

Yup, I’m now well into my quarantine, I do my best to stay focused in the moment and I feel pretty damn good!

It really was that simple..!