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Anyone with any access to the numerous social media platforms, will attest to the fact that there are currently MANY people out there with MANY opinions about anything and everything.

And everyone believes that their opinion is absolutely the right one.

Which means that there’s a LOT of arguing going on.

Resulting in a LOT of disgruntled people. SIGH..!

So what to do?

Will there ever be a time when people stand as one?

Will we all ever be on the same page..?


Maybe the question we should be asking is: SHOULD there ever be a time when we all stand as one..?

Is it reasonable to think that we should all believe the same things? Have the same values?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that it is (just for fun..).

Exactly who’s truth should we use as the gold standard?

Who’s truth is the REAL truth?

Yours? Or mine..?

Should we debate it?

And if we did, would we really hear the other’s opinion? Or simply use the opportunity to bully each other into to believing that “my truth” is the correct truth..?

I reserve my opinion..

The point I’m trying to make here, is that perhaps we could use this opportunity to try to practice being okay with our truth. Truly accepting it as our own and letting that be enough.

WITHOUT needing the validation of others.

WITHOUT needing to judge another truth as wrong. Just letting it be different.

Would that be so hard?

Think about it; if we all thought the same way and had the same values and beliefs, what on earth would we talk about..?

What would make someone interesting..? Or not..?

We’d all look the same, eat the same foods and wear similar clothing.

DULL.. Very dull..!

So how about we try a little TOLERANCE..?

And a tad more ACCEPTANCE..?

With a healthy splash of CURIOSITY..?

Let people think what they want.

And likewise, YOU think what you want.

It’s called BEING HUMAN.

Simple, right?