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It’s been said that as a human population we’re shifting into a “new” age. One where we’re able to see life from a new perspective.

A perspective that allows us to navigate this “human” experience a little easier.

Yup, it’s all about the seeing the BIGGER PICTURE..

But what does that really mean???

Well, for me it’s about being able to see beyond the traditional or expected reactions and behaviours. Being able to understand why we do what we do.

And yes, we always notice when others behave badly, but actually, it starts with ourselves. Yup, we interpret what’s going on around us based on our own beliefs and values.

And that means when we judge someone else as behaving badly, we’re essentially wanting them to behave differently. We want them to behave like we do. And we think that’ll make us happy.

BUT (a BIG but..) one of the first Rules Of The Universe (ok, I made that up) is that we can’t control others. 

We just can’t. We’re not supposed to (and it’s futile and hugely frustrating if we try)..

Everyone is here on this planet with their OWN agenda. And rightfully so.

Everyone gets to make their OWN choices. Ditto above.

How we respond to that is the one thing that we EACH control.

And that’s where this new perspective I mentioned in the first sentence comes into play.

Our challenge in this moment in time is to acknowledge that we are powerful beings. We always have been but we’ve unwittingly squandered it by expecting others to make us happy.

Now we get to reclaim that power. And by that I mean we get to take responsibility for our own well-being. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s OUR job. No-one else’s.


So maybe it’s time to step back from trying to control those around us in order to feel safe.

Maybe we should stop waiting for our governments to “fix the world”. It’ll never happen (and I personally don’t think it’s broken)..

And maybe it’s time for us to pay more attention to how we feel in the moment.

To take more responsibility for what we’re consciously focusing our attention on.

And to know and accept that we have choices.

And THAT’S what makes us POWERFUL..

Simple, right?