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There’s something to be said for successfully navigating your way down a mountain on a technical single track.

And when I say sucessfully, I mean getting to the bottom without grazing knees or swan diving into the bushes.. Don’t laugh, I’ve done both. Often.

It’s not pretty. And it’s damn painful..

But if you get it right, it’s FABULOUS!

Leaping and bounding down rocky pathways has to be one of THE funnest (nope, it’s not a word) things to do. Ever.

But there’s an art to it.

And over the years I’ve learned that to artfully skip down a mountain, you need a certain amount of confidence and courage to get it right.

But most importantly, where you plant your feet can can quite literally make or break you (metaphorically speaking, of course)..

Here’s what I mean..

As you leap forward, it’s super-important to land with your foot directly beneath your body-weight. Yup, DIRECTLY beneath.. If your foot is too far forward you’ll land on your butt whist if it’s too far behind it results in a face-plant. Add the forward momentum of your run coupled with gravity, and you’re in for a nasty tumble. Believe me..

Okay, so why am I telling you this?

Well, it’s a brilliant metaphor for how we live our lives.

When we focus on what’s behind us, we tend towards regret, resentment, anger and sometimes depression.

When we focus into the future, we feel anxiety, worry, and fear.

YET, and it’s a BIG yet, when we bring ourselves into the present, focusing specifically on what’s right here, right now, we feel a sense of ease, and relief. Fears and worries fall away. Almost magically.

Because here’s the thing:

we can’t change the past.

And we certainly can’t control the future.

So quite honestly, what’s the point of wasting time focusing on either. Right?

Nope, it’s not easy. And yup, it’s takes practice.

But ultimately it comes down to CHOICE.

We CHOOSE where to focus out attention.

Hence we CHOOSE what thoughts dominate our pretty little heads.

Always. No exceptions.

So decide, where will you plant your feet as you amble down the pathway that is your life..?

I know what I choose..

Simple, right?