Unplanned Changes. And why they’re often the BEST ones..

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I’m a creature of habit.

Yup, with only myself to consider (most of the time), I tend towards that which I know I like. So in the context of meals, for example, it means that I’ll eat the same things repeatedly. Until I’m bored of them, then I’ll move onto something else.

A flawless system, you may think, but not exactly.

Because this habit expands into the ingredients I buy. So I choose brands that I know and trust. And those become my standard purchase.

Yup, nothing wrong with that either. Unless said brand isn’t available.

And THAT’S the chink in the armour..

And until recent years it used to really annoy me. Like REALLY annoy me..

I’d gone shopping with clear goals in mind. I knew exactly what I needed (I don’t like to browse..).

And then BAM!

THAT brand of cheese was out of stock.

Or white button mushrooms were sold out.. WTF..!

Or, horror of horrors, my chosen tea was missing from the shelf.

I know.. Eye-rolling forehead-slapping stuff, right?

But back then this felt important. To me at least..

My typical response would have been driving around the neighbourhood stores seeking my treasure. Which took time and did nothing to improve my mood.

Anyway, there’s a point to this story.. Bear with me..

I’m not sure exactly when or what shifted, but it was during one of these “great travesties” that I decided to look at it a little differently. Who knows, maybe I just inwardly cuffed myself around the ear for my ridiculousness, but something changed which allowed me to see this as an opportunity to (wait for it) try something new.

Uh-huh, a NEW brand of cheese. Or portabellini mushrooms for a change. And even, yup – wait for it, a different type of tea..!

And yes, I’ll admit it, it was interesting to try something new. But only because I shifted from a place of resistance, to one of curiosity. Two totally different energies.

The point here is obvious, right..?

We often get really attached to something we think we want/need/deserve.

And we go after it with total focus and determination completely believing that THAT outcome will make me happy. Nothing else.

Which, if nothing else, is limiting..

And where I’ve used a simple example of the food I prefer, on a broader scale, this principle can apply to anything. Big and small.

Relationships, jobs, holiday destinations, exercise routines, even how you prefer your day to unfold.

ANYTHING that includes our happiness being attached to a specific outcome fits this bill.

What I’ve learned from this?

Well, now whenever what I’d “thought” I want doesn’t show up (or isn’t available), I immediately see it as an opportunity to shift in a different direction. To simply to try something new. Oh, and I make sure to include a healthy sprinkling of CURIOSITY.

And if I’m honest, when I embrace these events as adventurous opportunities instead of imagining the universe conspiring against me, more often than not the outcome is a pleasant surprise.

So next time you feel frustration bubbling up because the BBQ ribs you’d been inwardly drooling over all day are sold out, take a breath, enthusiastically grab the menu, and embark on your new journey to finding your NEW favourite food. Yee-hah..!

Simply follow the breadcrumbs that the Universe is sprinkling, chaps.

It can NEVER be wrong..

Simple. right?



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